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Fit4Less Facts

Membership Card

Membership Card

  • You must have your membership card with you at each visit to gain access to the club
  • A Black Card member may access the Black Card amenities by showing a membership card and ID; Black Card Friends can purchase amenities on a per use basis
  • A Black Card membership and ID must be shown before tanning, receiving a ½ price cooler drink and usage of massage chairs and hydro massage beds
Membership Conditions

Membership Conditions

  • Members are not permitted to allow visitors in during unstaffed hours. Check your club page for hours.
  • Our tanning beds, massage chairs and drinks are only available during staffed hours
Fit4Less Regulations

Fit4Less Regulations

  • Let's keep things friendly; always show respect to other members and staff
  • Only indoor shoes may be worn during your workout
  • All locker contents must be removed when your workout is finished
  • Please wipe your machines down after every use
  • Always return any free weights back to the appropriate rack
  • Emergency doors are only to be used for emergencies.
  • Minors are only permitted access to the club during specified hours - check your club for details
Black Card Friend Regulations

Black Card Friend Regulations

  • Must be the age of majority in the province where they gym is located
  • First visit or workout must be during staffed hours to complete a "Health History/Liability Waiver"
  • Like any other member, the Black Card Friend must have the Black Card member's membership card on them to gain access
  • Only ONE person per Black Card is allowed in the club at one time
  • The Black Card Friend receives the same benefits as a 4 Less membership including access to the classes, weights and equipment and must pay for tanning, hydro massage beds and massage chair use
  • The Black Card Friend must pay full price for drinks
Tanning Regulations

Tanning Regulations

  • Must be the age of majority in the province where the gym is located
  • Photo ID must be checked for all individuals who appear to be less than 25 years old intending to tan
  • Please wipe down/sanitize the beds after each use
  • All Tanners Must follow SMART tanning Guidelines as posted in the club
  • Skin Type #1 (classified as always burns, never tans) cannot tan
  • Tanning goggles must be worn every time you tan
  • Sessions must be spaced at least 48 hours apart
Cancellation Guidelines

Cancellation Guidelines

  • We require at least 30 days' notice to cancel memberships
  • Cancellations must be done at the club as we require your signature (and payment if applicable)
  • 1-Year commitment memberships are required to pay out their year if cancelling in the first year